Arriving by bus

Zagreb’s Main Bus Station (Autobusni Kolodvor) is located exactly on tram line Number 6. You will take the tram facing to the left (west) toward the Main Train Station. Tickets can be purchased inexpensively from any tobacco stand or kiosk for the Zagreb trams. However, enforcement is rarely an issue and a traveler in a pinch can likely risk a short hop on the tram without a ticket. Do this at your own risk.
Stay on the Number 6 tram through the Main Train Station (Glavni Kolodvor) and past it for another two stops until you reach the Main Square. Facing the statue of Ban Jelacic on horseback, you cross the square and enter a wide passage between a bank on the left and a set of stores on the right. You will see a set of stairs heading up to Dolac market once you are through the passage. Turn to the left without taking the stairs and follow the Tkalciceva Street around, past a small church on your right and some small cafes. You will see a sign on the right at a small intersection for Skalinska. Turn right onto Skalinska, and ten or twenty meters up the short street on the right you will see a doorway marked SOBE (‘rooms’). Take the short set of stairs up, and pass through the door into the reception area. You have arrived!

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